Hello there!

If you have landed on this page then it looks like you are interested in the person whose name is Luize Sniedze and who is the author of this page. So just keep reading and I will tell you something about myself.

I love nature. Forest is my paradise. Taking long walks or cycling through it as fast as I can and not thinking about getting myself dirty with mud. Being by the sea, having feet in the sand and listening to the waves is my ultimate relaxation as well. Also, walking new paths to discover unknown hills for myself to get a better view for a sunset is a good way how to end my day. The colours that sun can create in the sky and fluffy clouds is just one of a kind magic.

I love to travel. I spent one semester abroad in Cambodia and I just fell in love. The raw nature, friendly people and some kind of magic of Asia that just pulls me back. I hope that soon I will get a chance to travel back there to explore more. But right now I just keep wandering around Germany to discover new places. Most of the time I take photographs with my phone and enjoy the views with my eyes, but if I feel inspired I bring my camera and take a ton of pictures.


Another passion is planning. (I have a lot of passions, as you can see already - aka I'm very passionate person - if I go, then I go deep into things). I love to write lists, plan out things well in advance, cover my walls in calendars and have at least 3 planners. I fell so in love with planning and I couldn't find a perfect planner, so I took together all my design skills and created my own layout of a planner. Soon I realised why to keep it just to myself? I opened up an Etsy shop "Print This Yourself" to share my design works as planners, calendars, cards, stickers and posters. My shop is filled only with digital products that customer prints out for him/herself.

Kampot, Cambodia

I am very messy and organised at the same time. I like to plan things, but I also love my mess that I opens up my creativity. I am flexible with conditions that life gives me. You know, as a fish - I can swim with the flow and against the flow when I need to. But to be fair, I don't actually know how to swim.

Sunsets are the way how I charge my batteries. Cycling up a hill to see the Sun setting down behind the town, walking to the lake to look at the lights reflection in the water or just staring out of my window as the Sun goes down.

When I was in Cambodia I had this magical thought that right now I keep as motto for my life:

When you are on the top, look for the stairs to go higher.

Seriously fun and an organised mess

In some future I will be 40, but right now I am only 20 years old student from Latvia living in Germany to pursue Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. I love to take photographs of nature and architecture. I like to spend my free time reading books or cycling around with my camera filming small clips of the planet Earth. I love to drink coffee, but my stomach is not happy about it. I can never stop talking, once my very good friend described me "The room wasn't silent because she talks a lottttttttt. When she opened her eyes, she opened her mouth, she had a lot of questions to ask and many topics to discuss". And that is me. And as writing is very similar to talking, I like that too. And most of the time I just talk because I don't like silence. When I come back home from uni, first I will open Spotify and put on some music before taking off my shoes. I listen to music 24/7 or if it is not possible, I sing it myself - old songs, new songs or my own original pieces that will never see a daylight other than in the exact moment I am making it up as I sing.