After coming to the question “what is inspiration?” in a moment when I had none, I decided to do a research. After scientific papers and hours of reading, the information overload gave the idea to create more of a simple type of source of information, so that people can access it without reading scientific papers. So the final result is sort of abstract type of animation that shares the message of inspiration.

Inspiration is not a train that will hit you. It can take you to many places. Now more than ever, in this digital age of endless scrolling, we are under the pressure to create and have inspiration on demand.

Artists biggest fear is of a blank page. We clean up everything to have free space for inspiration to come, but other times we need the mess to discover something new.

We must be highly self-conscious to understand who we truly are. Research has shown that inspired people are more engaged with their environment and it benefits their well-being. If you are surrounded by people who are successful, you are more likely to be in inspired to achieve higher goals for yourself.

Should I just sit and wait when I become inspired? From the definition, inspiration is “breathing in” not “being blown into”. Typically creative work consists mostly of hard work. Inspiration usually happens spontaneously in everyday life. Putting in effort is essential for bringing your ideas into reality. Inspiration and effort both contribute to your work, but from different aspects. Inspiration predicts creativity, while efforts predict the quality of your work.

If we understand who we are and what works the best for us, we will find the inspiration there, just waiting for us.