Design Project “Wanderlust”
Book “Think Outside – No Box Required”.
Design project about the theme of Wanderlust.
I chose to go with the part of wanderlust traveling with your thoughts. We usually don’t take the time to think about the questions which are essential to understand how to live a better life. The book is divided in 5 parts which follow a theme from dark to a brighter place in two divisions – in pictures and in questions.

The book is hand produced – first digital printed pictures. Then using letterpress printed the questions on each spread. After – binded in 4 signatures in simple stitch. After – bound in hand made hard cover which is covered with dark green fabric, title printed with letterpress. 

First tries on letterpress were made in red colour to find a grip how the letters should be positioned in right places to get the best results.

As the nature of letterpress printing is trial and error, I printed the book digitaly 5 times to be sure that in the end I can produce 3 books to hand in to my professor.

When the letterpress printing was finished and everything was dried, it came to folding the pages, sorting into signatures and binding together. Afterwards – gluing into the hardcover for the finish. 

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