Giesserei Praxis

GIESSEREI PRAXIS was a magazine for foundry specialists, filled with scientific research papers and up-to-date news. Published bimonthly. I worked on it in the company Schiele & Schön. Due to company bankruptcy, the magazine is discontinued. The pictures published here were taken by me, however, I do not own any rights to the contents and […]

Video “Black Clothes”

Video created in Cambodia in 2019 as a project in my semester abroad. It tells about Khmer Roughe regime – a personal story about how people were allowed to wear only black clothes.

Animation “Inspiration”

After coming to the question “what is inspiration?” in a moment when I had none, I decided to do a research. After scientific papers and hours of reading, the information overload gave the idea to create more of a simple type of source of information, so that people can access it without reading scientific papers. […]

Thesis “543”

Bachelor Thesis Project The Topic: Covers of Latvian fiction books published in 2000, 2010 and 2020. Main questions: Are there similarities in cover styles between the years? What are the most used font types and colour used in the covers? Are there correlations between different aspects of information about the book and the cover style? […]

Book Wanderlust

Design Project “Wanderlust”Book “Think Outside – No Box Required”. Design project about the theme of Wanderlust.I chose to go with the part of wanderlust traveling with your thoughts. We usually don’t take the time to think about the questions which are essential to understand how to live a better life. The book is divided in 5 […]

Patterns of Life

Design Project “Patterns of Life” I chose to focus on the patterns of genealogy and create my family tree.For the whole semester I researched as much as I could about my family. I began with the most basic tree from my memory of around 10 people. 3 months later of hard research and many phone calls with my […]

Book “Bodoni”

The whole book is made only from the typeface Bodoni. Assignments focused on the essence of the typeface to understand the fundaments of typography.Wooden cover with laser engraving on front and back.Inside pocket of the back cover for invitation cards to the opening of exhibition. Assignment in University course “Communication Design”

Highschool Logo

After school reformation two high schools were merged. One of them was a highschool I graduated from. They announced a logo competition and I created this design. The symbol of Madona region is a rooster and had been previously used in the logo already. So I kept that for the recognition. Golden colour was chosen […]