Animation – What is Inspiration?

After coming to the question “what is inspiration?” in a moment when I had none, I decided to do a research. After scientific papers and hours of reading, the information overload gave the idea to create more of a simple type of source of information, so that people can access it without reading scientific papers. […]

Invitation video to Award Ceremony.

An advertisement video to invite people to the Madona region award ceremony Sudraba Gailis (Silver Rooster), keeping the window theme of the event and the choice between where you stand and what you do.

Advertisement video for Sudraba Gailis.

An advertisement video of the youth award ceremony of Madona region Sudraba Gailis (Silver Rooster).  The theme was window – it makes to think about who you are, how much do you do, what else you can do to make society better, and gives you the opportunity to choose on which side of the window […]

Alcedo Delivery.

An international delivery company. The logo is an Alcedo bird that represents the name and the speed of the delivery they provide. The main colours were used in the infographics of the planned delivery route calendar for social media, and for the website.

Madona Secondary School

After school reformation two high schools were merged. One of them was a highschool I graduated from. They announced a logo competition and I created this design.  The symbol of Madona region is a rooster and had been previously used in the logo already. So I kept that for the recognition. Golden colour was chosen […]

In The Forest

Photography project “In The Forest”A series of 5 photography leporellos about 5 parts of the forest – “Trees”, “Details”, “Blossoms, berries and pine cones”, “Pathways”, “Trash”. And the last – “Together” include a short story.Leporellos are put together in a small box. On the spines each leporello has a letter, so when put into the box […]


Book about the typeface “Bodoni”It is made only from the typeface Bodoni. Assignments focused on the essence of the typeface to understand the fundaments of typography.Wooden cover with laser engraving on front and back.Inside pocket of the back cover for invitation cards to the opening of exhibition

Patterns of Life.

The book is about the patterns of genealogy and my family tree.  For the whole semester I researched as much as I could about my family. I began with the most basic tree from my memory of around 10 people.  The final result is a tree with 391 person in 11 generations.  The book is hand […]

Think Outside. No box required.

Design project about the theme of Wanderlust.The book is about traveling with your thoughts. We usually don’t take the time to think about the questions which are essential to understand how to live a better life. The book is divided in 5 parts which follow a theme from dark to a brighter place in two divisions […]