GIESSEREI PRAXIS was a magazine for foundry specialists, filled with scientific research papers and up-to-date news. Published bimonthly.

I worked on it in the company Schiele & Schön. Due to company bankruptcy, the magazine is discontinued.

The pictures published here were taken by me, however, I do not own any rights to the contents and images used in the magazines shown in the photos.

One of the biggest challenges was to refresh the brand, using the same colors, but creating a more minimalistic and modern look. For the cover, we decided to go for more “breathing room” for the picture and the title of each issue.

Since the nature of the magazine, the layout in itself is complicated with many graphs, pictures and tables of information included in the research papers.

Another change was made in the last page of Impressum and Call for papers, to have a better overview of the information and emphasising the digital option for the readers.

The advertisement for the book series that is available in multiple languages were also changed into a more minimalistic way to avoid the repetition of the cover images, and giving the option with QR codes to access the purchase site instantly.

To keep with the style of minimalism and more “breathing space” new advertisements for the brand products were introduced. To avoid unnecessary details, mock ups of the tablet was used. To keep up with the instant access to the main website and newsletter sign up site, QR codes were included.  

With the refreshing of the brand, came also the need for a new booklet to be used in events, including the new books and other products.
Similar to the magazine cover, we worked with less saturation, keeping the symbol, but in grayscale. And to copy the feeling of the magazine, the blue ribbon style on the left bottom corner was added with the booklet title.

Layout of the presented books were changed into a more simplistic layout, leaving out the long descriptions, as the target audience already understands the specific main points of the book from the title.

And for the pocket-book that is available in multiple languages, same as in the magazine advertisement, the repetition of cover picture was avoided with the pictures of the book spine. And for the e-book option, mock up of a mobile phone was used.