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Hello there Luize… Remember, you are still alive. Be grateful for that. Life is a good thing. Expensive too.

Get yourself together, please. Promise to take care of yourself. Health is important. Drink water, work out and eat healthily. Cycle as much as you can. Explore new roads. Go up all of the hills you can possibly see. Ride your bike as long as you have strength. Just keep in mind the road how to find your way back home. I hope you will learn and become smarter. Read 52 books, write 52 blog posts and listen to 52 podcasts. Those are high goals, but reachable. If you work hard enough, you can achieve all of them. I wish you would get emotionally smarter too. Think about what you speak, but be honest. Be friendly with everyone, but don’t get too attached. Live in peace, breathe deeper and fulfil the promises you have given, not only to yourself but to others too. Look for a job so you could live life. Save up money to go back to the land you fell in love with. Cambodia is waiting for you. Be strong and work hard. If you have enough energy to be lazy, then you have enough to work too. Be careful.


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