Originally started by Joel Runyon on his website "IMPOSSIBLE" this type of list has spread out around the globe. It is not a bucket list.  This is never ending list with no possibility to fill 100% of it because it is always evolving and growing as you do.

You can change, add or remove any items on the list. If you complete a goal there is always possible a higher goal to achieve after that. There is no such thing as a goal too high, too unrealistic or too stupid. It is Your list and you can put there anything you wish to achieve in your lifetime.

I like this idea very much, as I am a person who likes to write lists... So I created mine a while ago and have already accomplished some of the goals, that is why they are coloured in green, and if there is a possibility to go further, the next step is written under it. I have divided it into sections for easier areas that I want to focus on at the moment. Maybe it would change later? Who knows.

Hope you can find some inspiration in this to create your own impossible list too...


Regularly upload videos on my Youtube channel (started 6.10.2018)
    next - upload 10 videos (15.11.2018)
    next - upload 20 videos
Reach 200 subscribers on Youtube
Create a Youtube channel in English
Create a blog in English 
    *started a blog on 15.11.2018, then closed it, opened another one - you are reading it right now
List 50 items on my Etsy shop (21.11.2018)
    next - 100 items
Reach 100 sales on Etsy shop (10.02.2019)
    next - 150 sales
Reach 100'000 all-time views on my Latvian blog
Full-time job online
Earn 1000 euro in one month
Save up 500 euros
Write an e-book
Create a podcast
Create an online course
Have an interview on a tv show

Fitness / Health

Run 1km on a treadmill (13.11.2018 time 6:53)
    next - run 1 km in nature
Do a muscle-up
Be able to do 5 consecutive pull-ups
Be able to do 15 push ups in a row
Cycle 50 km in one day (24.03.2019 - 59,08km in 4:07)
Go back to the vegetarian lifestyle
Detox week without tea/coffee - drinking only water

Visit all 7 continents

  1. Europe (born and raised, travelled a bit too)
  2. Asia (4 months in Cambodia 09.2018-01.2019 )
  3. Southamerica
  4. Northamerica
  5. Africa
  6. Australia
  7. Antarctica

Visit 20 countries

  1. Estonia
  2. Lithuania
  3. Poland
  4. Germany
  5. Netherlands
  6. Belgium
  7. Switzerland
  8. Finland
  9. Spain
  10. Greece
  11. Great Britain
  12. Cambodia
  13. what is next?

Visit all 7 Wonders of the World
Visit all finalists to " 7 Wonders of the World" (2/13)
    done - Angkor Wat (Cambodia) (17.-18. November 2018)
    done - Acropolis (Greece) (December 2016)
Cycle the whole Santiago de Compostella
Climb the Everest
Jump with a parachute
Bungee jump
Fly a hot-air balloon
Backpacking alone for 1 month
Ride the 2 deck bus in London
Fly in a private plane
Fly with a helicopter
Walk in an airport and buy the first possible ticket and fly away

Learning and studies
Finish my Bachelors at HSRW, Germany
Get a masters degree
Get a doctors degree
Be a lecturer at a university
Study in the USA
Learn how to play the ukulele

German (finish Duolingo 100%)
French (finish Duolingo 100%)

Events to attend
Classical music concert
Olympic games
Ted Talk
Ellen Show

Solve Rubik's cube in less than a minute (right now the best is 1:08)
Write and produce a documentary
Write a song
Buy a typewriter
Write a book on my typewriter
Do a voice in a Disney movie
Be an actress in a movie (December 2018, with text lines...)
Be a background actress
Make a tattoo