The book is about the patterns of genealogy and my family tree.

For the whole semester I researched as much as I could about my family. I began with the most basic tree from my memory of around 10 people. 

The final result is a tree with 391 person in 11 generations. 

The book is hand made. A small booklet in the beginning and then 5 fold-out leporellos. Each foldout consists of 8 folding pages, which can be flipped through without folding, or seen as a whole more than 1 meter long page.


The first fold-out consists the whole family tree as it is with name, surname, date of birth and death, marriage and the year of marriage. I chose the unusual way of showing the oldest relatives on the bottom and the newest ones on the top.

Second leporello represents the male and female pattern – square for male, circle for woman. Colours were chosen to represent two parts of the country – dark red from the Latvian flag, and dark green for the forests, that cover more than 50% of the land.

This fold-out represents the length of life. The bigger the circle, the longer the life has the person lived. As there is no possibility to find this information about all of the people, the unknown were left in square as in the main family tree.

This fold-out represents the amount of children that family has had.

The final fold-out represents the age when the person got married.  Same as for other data, it is impossible to find out about all the persons.

The small booklet in the beginning of the book shows some patterns that I found in the research. The information is presented in an info-graphical way to show the accents of patterns that were found in the research. (full booklet flip-through below)