Collage magazine

Fable about birds

The aim was to create combination of cut outs from magazines and drawings to create a small magazine containing the fable about birds. For text I chose to use stamp letters. For the finish it was created on white, black and brown paper - binded with a stitchbind.

Photography leporello

My cup

A leporello project of 9 topics about a single cup.

  1. This is my cup
  2. Useful Tool
  3. A matter of perspective
  4. Giants and dwarfs
  5. Light & shadow
  6. By coincidence
  7. Space odyssey
  8. Mission impossible
  9. A sight to behold

Experimental design poster

My Identity

At beginning to choose my identity I came up with symbols of the figure of my country Latvia and nature that is close to me - forest. As my country is divided in 4 regions I created 4 different types of trees to represent those. As I was born and raised in the middle of two regions I represented myself as a 5th type of a tree in the place where I was born. Colours were chosen maroon red as it is the colour of Latvias flag and dark green as that reminds me of forest.