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For a really long time, I have been thinking about how it would feel to wear clothes from expensive brands. I wanted to achieve that, be able to walk in an expensive store and wear brand clothes. I was dreaming of Nike or Addidas shoes, wearing some good trousers and a jacket from a fancy store. Until recently, I put on my regular outfit that I love to wear because it is comfortable and I like how it looks.

I entered the elevator and found myself in a position where I actually am wearing the clothes of my dreams. New pair of Adidas shoes, which my sister pressured me to get - I am usually lacking the confidence of buying things for myself when I am alone, so she guided me through a phone call... My new favourite type of jeans - with amazingly big pockets that fit my phone well, with rubber ends and rubber around the waist too - so no pressure of a button in my stomach when sitting for a long time. I had my coffee with almond milk in a mug that I have borrowed from a good friend - coffee makes me happy and every time I use it, it reminds me of our friendship. I was wearing an oversized jumper which I got as a present as I was the winner of the competition of the creation of my high school logo. Every time I put that jumper on, it reminds me of my ability to make good design decisions and create something that people like and would vote for to become a school logo. Underneath was a simple black t-shirt which I got a ton of for a little money on a good discount price. On top - my favourite coloured Adidas jacket I got myself when I was in Cambodia. It was a good discount too and reminds me of the good times I had that day - helping my friends as an actress in their movie. Also, my everyday use backpack is a big one from the company Burton. It has a lot of pockets to store all my little necessary things. It would have been quite expensive, but once again - a great discount came my way... No, really my sister got it for me, showing it to me through a phone call. Last summer, before flying to Cambodia, I visited an eye doctor to check my vision that had gone worse than my last visit, in the end, the result turned out worse than I could imagine and maybe it was wrong, but I made myself feel better about that with a new pair of glasses. I spent around an hour looking at all the models available in the shop, but only one was close to my heart, although the high price, I took it - Tommy Hilfiger. It was a high price - but definitely worth it! I love it every single morning when I put them one, and every evening when I take them off.

Clothing can bring us up if you enjoy wearing it. And yet, the price does not matter. It is the moment you buy it or get it as a gift, it is the time and the place which makes a mark in your memory and your confidence.

The power of clothing


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