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Aristotle in "Metaphysics" talks about things and their essence. Reading his text over and over again I come up with many ideas and many thoughts but which of those are right? Which of those are wrong? What even is right? Why do we think something could be wrong? Reading texts like this make me question everything in the world, and I wonder, is it good or bad? But then again, how do we define what is good? What on Earth could possibly be bad?

... for each thing is thought to be not different from its substance, and the essence is said to be the substance of each thing... -Aristotle


** disclaimer ** the following text may not make any sense ...

What is the essence? What is the substance? What are things? Why do we think we know what it is or what it is not?

How a single person in their brain could come up with an idea that is possibly the right one?

There are so many questions in this world that right now are unsolved and maybe will never be? Who knows. I don't know.

Living in a different country, meeting new people and studying a thing I do enjoy, has opened many questions in life. And I appreciate it because it makes me a better person. But then again, I question myself is it for better or for worse? Moving to another country and kind of losing contact with some of my old friends. But how do I define friends? I believe the ones who are the real ones - stay. We meet maybe once a year when I go back home, and the feeling doesn't change. Today the internet is giving us the opportunity to caress a friendship that stretches across the globe. Meeting new people - time goes on. Things change. Me leaving my so-called "friends" or better let's say, classmates, colleagues have made me grateful. As a normal human being, who is not the smartest, we truly appreciate things only when they are no more available for us. Now looking back at the times we spent together having fun or working was so fulfilled with joy and laughter. And right now, when I have gained new friends in the place I live, also good friends, colleagues and just classmates, it becomes the same - joyful and fun times together, that later on I will look back and be grateful for.

Studying a thing I do enjoy - graphic design - gives me many options to explore. The topic is so broad and there are so many fields to go more in depth, to find myself, my true passion is hard. It is enjoyable but still hard to manage. Photography, videography, illustrations, typography, motion design, animation and more, and more, and more... I like all of them, but I want to focus on one, but know all of it at the same time. Opening my mind for everything that is coming, I believe I make myself such an average person, that I start to question is it worth it? To know it all and know nothing at the same time? Questions, questions, questions.


Every cloud has a silver lining.

Yes, I believe so. Only with one condition -

if the cloud is small enough that You can still see the sun shining behind it.


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